Faculty of Economics and Management

The Dean of the Faculty

Olena Denysyuk
Olena Denysyuk

The dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management is Olena Denysyuk, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Management. In 2006 she graduated with honours from Zhytomyr State Technological University. She completed higher education course in speciality “Economics of Enterprises” and became a Master’s degree holder. The same year she took the postgraduate course in the speciality “Economics and Enterprise Management”. In 2010 she successfully presented her candidate thesis on the subject “Property potential of Enterprise: its essence, recreation and management”.

She teaches the following subjects: economic diagnostics, enterprise potential and development, enterprise potential management.

She is concerned with formation and efficient usage of the objects of potential property of economic enterprises and economic diagnostics of the cost of enterprises.

Contacts room 325-а; tel. +38 (0412) 24-09-93; e-mail: delenash@ukr.net

The Information about the Faculty

The urgency of training specialists in the field of economics and management was accounted for by the development of market relations in our country and by the real need of our economy in such specialists. The director of Zhytomyr Branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, professor Samotokin B.B. realized the situation of those times and the admission of first managers started conforming to the engineering profile of the educational institution. In 1992 the economic direction of training specialists was established within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management. At the beginning of 1995 683 students studied in two economic specialities: “Industrial Management” and “Accounting and Auditing” (240 students of full-time form of training, 363 part time students and 79 students of the evening department). The present specialities and the necessity to open new ones in order to satisfy the requirements of emerging market structures as well as expansion and specialization of scientific research created favorable conditions for establishing the economic faculty.

The Faculty of Economics and Management was founded according to the order of Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology on 23.01.1995, № 24 by separation from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management. Prof. Butynets F.F. fulfilled the duties of the dean at that time.

At the time of its foundation the faculty comprised the following departments: Department of Industrial Management, Department of Economics, Department of Accounting and Auditing, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Humanities.

Kulakovska L.P.

Kulakovska L.P.

In April, 1995 Kulakovska L.P., associate professor, candidate of economics science was elected the dean of the faculty on a competitive basis. She was at the head of the faculty till 2007.

During 12 years under her guidance the faculty became a powerful structural subdivision of the University and one of the largest economic faculties among higher educational establishments in Zhytomyr. The number of licensed admission places increased, new specialities were opened, the cooperation with enterprises and universities in Ukraine and beyond strengthened. At that time the Master’s degree course was licensed and the postgraduate course was opened at the departments of the faculty.

Licensing of new economic specialities, significant differences in educational programs as well as quantative and qualitative changes in conducting research led to structural reorganization of the faculty of Economics and Management. In 2003 the accounting and financial directions were separated and the Faculty of Accounting and Finance was established as an independent structural subdivision.

From 2007 till 2011 the Faculty of Eonomics and Management was headed by Opalov O.A., assistant professor, candidate of economics.

Structure of the Faculty

Department of Management and Tourism

The head of the department is Tarasyuk G.M.

Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship

The head of the department is Valinkevych N.V.

Department of Personnel Management and Labour Economics

The head of the department is Bogoyavlenska Y.V.

Department of Humanities and Social Science

The head of the department is Mulyar V.I.