Department of Management and Tourism

General information

The department ensures teaching the subjects in the field of management. The main disciplines include Management, Operations Management, Financial Management, Investment Management, Innovation Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Corporative Management, Marketing, Marketing Research, Trade Management, Intellectual Property, Logistics, etc.

The department graduates can attain the following academic degrees:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management, code 073; Tourism, code 242.
  • Master’s Degree in Management, code 073; Tourism, code 242.

The department has the fourth accreditation level.

It has a department of the postgraduate education. This department conducts the retraining of specialists.

The department opened the Business-School of Practical Management where everybody can obtain the skills at practical management and become professionals in this field.

The department staff consists of qualified teachers including professors, PhD; associate professors, PhD; senior lecturers; assistants, etc.

The department initiates and supervises the graduation projects at a high level. The graduates often take prize-wining places at the competitions for the best qualification project in Ukraine.

Our graduates can:

  • Solve economic problems;
  • Solve the problems of strategic development;
  • Evaluate management activity at all kinds of business organizations;
  • Develop the policy in the field of human resources.

We provide the knowledge that can help our graduates to cope with the following objectives:

  • The systems analysis of enterprise activity, the formation of organization development strategies, ensuring the competitiveness of enterprises;
  • Enterprises activity planning and forecasting, material (financial, labor etc.) resource requirements planning;
  • Enterprise development financial indexes planning, e.g. cash flows, as well as the using information resources and modern technologies;
  • Planning of holding seminars, meetings, presentations and other forms of business communications; the combination of all kinds of resources; the collective work organization to fulfill the business mission;
  • Management process organization;
  • Decision-making;
  • Management decisions implementation;
  • The organization of enterprise business contacts with other establishments; the development of efficient management forms;
  • Commercial activity realization;
  • Cooperation with banks and other financial institutions;
  • Human resources management; team formation and management;
  • The organizational culture formation and development;
  • The development of effective motivation systems and wages;
  • The formation of favorable social and psychological conditions in the team;
  • Control over the resource procurement; adherence to production technology;
  • The resources usage coordination; work flows regulation;
  • Conflict management.

The department supports the contacts with other related departments of Ukrainian universities.

Every year the academic competitions in main subjects (Management and Marketing) are held among the students. The winners take part in the nationwide competitions. The students also take part in the Nationwide Contest of Student Research Projects and other applied management-related competitions.

Our research workers cooperate with Zhytomyr Regional State Administration and colleagues from other countries. They actively participate in international projects, programs and grants.