Faculty of Information and Computer Technology

The Dean of the Faculty

Andriy Vasylyovych Morozov
Andriy Vasylyovych Morozov

Ph.D., assistant professor, member of the Scientific Council of Zhytomyr State Technological University. In 2011 he defended the thesis "Improvement of circular routes to optimize the transport network" (01.05.02 - mathematical modeling and computational methods).

His research interests include parallel and distributed systems, optimization techniques, modern Internet-technologies.

Contacts office 235; tel. +38 (0412) 24-14-17; e-mail: morozov.andriy@gmail.com

The Information about the Faculty

In 1977 the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Zhytomyr branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was organized. So, the studies at the Faculty started on September 1, 1977.

Zabashta Juriy Pavlovich

Zabashta Juriy Pavlovich

Zabashta Juriy Pavlovich was appointed as the first Dean of the Faculty. Kazakov V.P. was the Vice Dean of the Faculty during 18 years.

It was the period of equipping laboratories with modern devices and calculation technique. The demand for graduates was rather high. So, the part-time studies was of a great help in those years.

XX century is characterized by the fast development in electronic components and devices of new generation and this fact had a great impact on the learning process. New subjects were introduced and many laboratories were created. The range of specialities was changed. In 1988 the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was reorganized into the Faculty of Automation and Control. The profession of electrical engineer was gradually becoming one of the most popular. The creative potential of young specialists reflected in the conduction of self-financing and contractual research work. The scientists of the Faculty were involved in solving complex tasks for either scientific institution of Moscow, Leningrad, Kyiv, Dontsk or leading enterprises of the country. From 1977 to 1990 the departments of the faculty executed contracts for nearly 8,5 mln. rubles.

Due to the creation of an independent higher educational institution in 1994 the Faculty of Information and Computer Technologies was founded. It included the Department of Automation and Control in Technical Systems, the Department of Robotic Systems and Complexes, the Department of Software Development, the Department of Radioengineering, the Department of Higher Mathematics and the Department of Physical Training. The famous specialist in the development of CPUs Povidayko P. M. became the Dean of the Faculty PhD Samotokin B.B. demonstrated fast reaction to the changes in countries economy. Four educational institutions of Zhytomyr region united to introduce a new approach to training. The institutions are:

  • Zhytomyr State Technological Univesity;
  • Zhytomyr Technological College;
  • The Novograd Volynsky College of Industry and Economics;
  • The Zhytomyr College of Agriculture.

The Bachelors and Specialists in Automation are trained at the full time and part-time forms of studies. In 1997 the Department of Robotic Systems was renamed into the Department of Automation and Computerized Technologies.

In 1998 the Department of Medical Devices and Systems was introduced at the faculty.

The period from 1995 to 2002 was marked by the growth of scientific potential of the faculty and technology modernization.

From 2002 to 2007 the faculty was headed by candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor V.A. Kyrylovich. All the activity of the faculty was focused on the improvement of studies, research and changes in structure in order to get the highest accreditation level.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor A. P. Gromovoy became the Dean of the Faculty in 2007. The biggest faculty of the University was improving its activity from 2007 to 2009 thanks to the talented and experienced leadership of the Dean.

A. P. Gromovoy has been working in the sphere of education for more than 37 years. He started working as an engineer at Zhytomyr General Technical Faculty of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In 1979 he finished the post-graduate courses at Voronezh Polytechnic Institute. He also worked as a Senior Teacher, Associate Professor, Head of the Department and the Dean of the Preliminary Training Faculty.

A. P. Gromovoy greatly contributed into creation of the First City Lyceum at ZSTU in 1989. Headed by A. P. Gromovoy the Lyceum became one of the 100 best schools of Ukraine. In 2007 the independent experts recognized the Lyceum as one of 20 top educational institutions of Ukraine.

Structure of the Faculty

The Department of Computerized management and automation system

The head of the department is Podchashynskyy Y.A.

The Department of Software Systems

The head of the department is A.V. Panishev

The Department of Computer Engineering

The head of the department is A.O. Ovezgeldyev

The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunication

The head of the department is Nikitchuk Tetiana