Department of Physics and Higher Mathematics

History of the department

The Department of Physics and Higher Mathematics of ZhSTU is formed on the basis of departments of physics and higher mathematics in 2015.

Ph.D., associate professor, Yaichnitsin V.G .; Ph.D., associate professor Sokur L.P .; Ph.D., professor Ovander L.M. Each of these scholars has made a significant contribution to the academic status of the department. Prof. Moskvin Pavlo Petrovich is head the Department of Physics since 2002.

Today, 8 faculty members work at the Department of Physics and Higher Mathematics of ZhSTU, including 2 doctors and 2 associate professors.

The physics and high mathematics chair is generated on the basis of chairs of physics that of higher mathematics in 2015.

Head of Department

Pavel Petrovich Moskvin
Pavel Petrovich Moskvin

Head of the Department of Physics and Higher Mathematics, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor.

Scientific interests: physics of semiconductors, thermodynamic description of technological processes for obtaining complex semiconductor solutions for sensor technology.

Contacts in the direction of physics room: 324, 321; phone: +38(0412) 37-46-17; e-mail:

Contacts in the direction of higher mathematics room: 419a

Teaching Staff


Learning process

Schedule of consultations of teachers of the Department of Physics and Higher Mathematics.

Research activities

In 2014, the staff of the department headed by the head of the department, Prof. Moskvin P.P. completed the research on the project "Synthesis and physical properties of composite materials based on chalcogenide glass and nanoparticles of semiconductor compounds". The main scientific results, which were obtained in the framework of theme № 32 and published in the leading world journals, should be considered as follows.

During the implementation of the state budget theme №32 the 7 articles in the scientific and metric database SCOPUS were published.

During 2014-2015, under the direction of prof. Moskvina P.P. the state budget project was executed: "System research and optimization of conditions for using diesel biofuels from alternative raw materials in internal combustion engines".

During 2015-2018 employees of the department under the direction of prof. Moskvina P.P. work on the implementation of the state budget theme: "Synthesis of thermodynamically unstable phases and technology of the final formation of optical-electrical properties of heterostructures for optoelectronic detectors of special purpose”.

Research in the department in the direction of mathematics is carried out in the following directions.

  • Boundary theorems in the theory of probabilities (Koval V.O).
  • Autowave solutions of the environment model with temporal and spatial nonlocalities (Skuratovsky S.I).
  • Theoretic-algebraic research of systems of differential equations (Prilipko O.I).

The results of mathematical researches of the teachers of the department are published in the leading foreign and domestic mathematical journals. These include "Stochastic Processes and their Applications", "Journal of Theoretical Probability", "Stochastic Analysis and Applications", "Theory of Probabilities and Its Applications," "Mathematical Notes," "Reports on Mathematical Physics", "International Applied Mechanics", "Applied Mechanics", "Reports of the NAS of Ukraine", "Ukrainian Mathematical Journal".

International cooperation

The Department of Physics and Higher Mathematics collaborates with both domestic educational and scientific institutions of the country and with foreign ones. Cooperation agreements are concluded with such educational institutions as:

  • Zhytomyr State University named Ivan Franko
  • Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv)
  • Lublin Technical University (Institute of Physics) (Poland)

Department contact information

Адреса: 103, Chudnivska str., Zhytomyr, 10005, Ukraine
Cabinets: 321 (department), 324 (teaching staff), 419a (teaching staff), 322 (laboratory), 326a (laboratory), 326b (laboratory)
Phone: +38 (0412) 37-46-17
Fax: +38 (0412) 24-14-22