The Department of Physics

The physics and high mathematics chair is generated on the basis of chairs of physics that of higher mathematics in 2015.

Pavel Moskvin
Pavel Moskvin

The chief of physics and high mathematics chair, prof., doctor of science.

Scientific interests: semiconductors physics, the thermodynamic description of technological processes to obtain difficult semiconductor materials for the sensors.

Contacts for physics an office 324, 321; phone: +38(0412) 37-46-17; e-mail:

Chair contacts for high mathematics an office: 304; phone: +38(0412) 24-37-89

The chair structure includes 4 educational laboratories. Laboratories are equipped by modern measuring installations for physical experiment

Chair scientific researchers are connected with the problems of modern semiconductors materials technology. The new scientific laboratory «Vacuum and plasma nanotechnology» is created and functions on chair.

Chair scientific researches on a higher mathematics are spent in following directions.

  1. Boundary theorems in probability theory. Non stationary casual processes.
  2. Thermo mechanics of is constructive-non-uniform piezoelectric bodies.
  3. Singular solutions of model of environment with time and spatial nonlocal. Theoretical researches of systems of the differential equations.

Results obtained in process pass check and find the experimental acknowledgement in E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor physics NAS of Ukraine (Kiev), A.F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Science, Russia (St.-Petersburg), Institute of Physics, Lublin University of Technology, Poland (Lublin),

In a current of last years on chair scientific projects under grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine are regularly carried out.