The Department of Manufacturing Engineering

History of the Department

Far 1960s of the 20th Century. A number of industrial colossi like the Plant of Automatic Machines, the Plant of Steel Production, the Plant of Protective Structures, the ‘Khimvolokno’ Plant and so on are built in Zhytomyr. Regional industrial plants like Zhytomyr Mechanical Plant (now ‘Vibroseparator’), the Korosten Plant of Chemical Equipment and the Korosten Plant of Heavy Equipment, ‘Progress’ and ‘Komsomolets’ in Berdichev etc. are improved and developed. It was necessary to arrange high skilled mechanical engineers for all these companies.

Actual Department of Manufacturing Engineering was created in 2013 as a result of the reorganization of Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Technical Systems Design. Today it is a team that consists of 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 3 assistants, 1 postgraduate student and 1 engineer. We work in 10 classrooms, 2 practice labs, drawing classroom, IT and research laboratories.

Its history dates back to 1960 when General-Technical faculty of Kiev Polytechnic Institute was founded in Zhytomyr. Students from around the USSR studied fundamental and general scientific disciplines during 3 years here. Further professional education they obtained in other universities of the former Soviet Union.

But a number of industrial colossi were built in Zhytomyr. Region was needed lots and lots engineers. The first admission took place September 1, 1968. Teaching activities were realized by associate professors Severilov, Kobzar, Kostrytsya, Tonyuk, Levchenko, Balyuk, Bazhenov, Skochko and others. In 1971 was created the first department of today’s ZSTU – Department of Manufacturing Engineering. Yevhen Kobzar was headed it from 1971 till 1975.

Since then passed over 40 years. Department of Manufacturing Engineering passed a hard way of evolution and reorganizations. Nowadays department constitutes the backbone of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Our team pays considerable attention to demands of the times and labour-market. Graduates of department meet the requirements of national and foreign employers. For this we use contemporary teaching strategies. Our students work with modern software and equipment.

Head of the Department

Leonid G. Polonsky
Leonid G. Polonsky

Doctor of technical since, Professor, Head of the Department.

He graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1980, Specialty "Manufacturing Engineering and Metal-Cutting Mashines and Intruments".Since 1971 he worked as a laborer in Research Institute of Radio Electronics (Kyiv), 1973-1982 – he worked on engineering capacities of the plant "Khimvolokno" (Zhytomyr); 1984-1985 – an engineer of Medical Glass factory (Zhytomyr); from 1985 – a teacher of ZSTU.10.29.1992 - he defended his dissertation on specialty 05.03.01 "The Processes of Physical and Technical Processing, Machinery and Instrument" on "Features of Turning Gas-flame Powder Coating of Instuments from Kiboryt". 06.06.1994 - he received the certificate of Associate Professor. He has 115 publications, including 6 certificates 4 declaration patents, 8 and 5 manuals.Reads disciplines such as "Technology of common parts", "Technology of repair and restoration", "Technological methods to ensure reliability."

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