Department of law and law enforcement activities

The Department of Law and Law Enforcement Activities was established on May 02, 2018 in accordance with the order of the Rector of the Zhytomyr State Technological University No. 210 dated May 02, 2018.

The need for the establishment of the department is due to the current need for training of law enforcement officers and reformers of National Police, civil security and law enforcement. The labor market requires specialists who have knowledge and skills in law enforcement, cyber security, and the fight against economic crime and can take effective legal and managerial decisions.

The training in the specialty "Law-enforcement activity" is aimed at training specialists in solving strategic tasks in administrating law, civil security, formation of legal consciousness and skills acquisition to fight against cybercrime and economic crime.

Zhytomyr State Technological University is the only one in the field of higher education, which trains specialists in the field of "Law-enforcement activity" and the only one in Ukraine, which, taking into account the specificity of the institution, allows to train skilled specialists in the field of combating economic crime and cybercrime.

The specialty "Law-enforcement activity" in Zhytomyr State Technological University is:

  • training of legal elite according to international standards and challenges of the present;
  • formation of multidisciplinary skills for law and order in the field of cyber security and economic relations;
  • practical training on the basis of law enforcement agencies (National Police, Security Service of Ukraine, Research Institute of Forensic Expertise), executive bodies, state fiscal services, legal and consulting companies;
  • obtaining experience from leading experts of countries of the world;
  • studying specialized foreign languages.

Masters of the specialty "Law Enforcement" have the opportunity to choose one of the complexes of alternative disciplines: "Fighting cybercrime" or "Fighting economic crime".

For the purpose of professional practical training of specialists in the specialty "Law Enforcement", agreements were signed on cooperation with the Office of Patrol Police in Zhytomyr Region, Main Directorate of the State Fiscal Service in Zhytomyr Oblast, and Zhytomyr Scientific and Research Experimental Forensic Center of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Bachelors and masters in the field of "Law-enforcement activity" can realize the acquired knowledge in:

  • law enforcement agencies,
  • executive authorities,
  • state fiscal services,
  • legal and consulting companies in non-profit organizations,
  • scientific and educational institutions,
  • state and public fund