The department of accounting and auditing

General Information

Department of Accounting and Auditing is graduating department in the direction “Accounting and Taxation”. The department has highly qualified staff that is actively engaged in scientific researches, practical and teaching activities.

Scientific and practical activities of the department primarily aimed at preparing highly qualified specialists in the field of accounting and auditing for our country, as well as at identification and solvation of accounting and control problems of theory and methodology in order to achieve the public purposes, in the interests of both business owners and ordinary workers, taking into account the national traditions and the regularities of historical development of the profession.

The department has postgraduate and doctoral school on specialty 08.00.09 – "Accounting, Analysis and Auditing (by the types of economic activity)".

Head of the Department

Sergiy Legenchuk
Sergiy Legenchuk

Head of the Department of Accounting and Auditing, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine.

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The teaching staff of the Department


Contact Information

Address: 103, Chudnivska str., Zhytomyr, 10005, Ukraine
Offices: 246 (Head of the Department), 241 (teaching staff), 241-a (teaching staff), 243 (lab staff)
Telephone: +38 (0412) 24-09-91
Fax: +38 (0412) 24-09-91