Department of Finance and Crediting

General information

The Chair of Finance and Crediting (until July 2013: Department of Finance) was founded in 1999. During the years 1999-2002 the department was headed by Prof. Hryhorii Kireytsev, during the years 2002-2018 the department was headed by Prof. Alexander Petruk, since 2018 to the present day Prof. Nataliia Vygovska the head of the department.

Students of the Department can graduate with all levels of higher education and qualification - Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Philosophy of Finance, Banking and Insurance.

The main objectives of the Chair:

  • development of knowledge and skills of students with financial work according to the state educational standards;
  • organization and a high level of academic, scientific and technical, organizational and educational work with full-time and part-time students;
  • scientific research of financial system and adoption of research results in the production and learning processes;
  • students’ engagement in research.

Head of the Department

Nataliia Vygovska
Nataliia Vygovska

Head of the Department of Finance and Crediting, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Research sphere: issues of economic and financial control in Ukraine

Contacts room 102; tel. +38 (0412) 37-84-82; e-mail:

The teaching staff of the Department