The Department of International Economics

General Information about the Department

The Department of International Economics was established on October 1st , 2014 considering the increasing need for the training of the professionals with the deep knowledge and essential skills of making effective managerial decisions under the present-day conditions of the international relations development. Ukraine is returning towards the European civilization area, which presumes the in-depth integration of Ukraine into the European and Euro-Atlantic political, social and economic structures. Moreover, the development of the economic potential based on the active cooperation with the foreign countries within the multilateral economic and other agreements is getting enormously important.

The Department of International Economics is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Sergii Moshenskyi.

Head of the Department

Sergii Moshenskyi

Doctor of Economics (Dr.hab. in Economics), Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of Ukrainian Сonstruction Academy named after M.S. Budnikov

Research sphere: status and prospects of securities market development in Ukraine

Teaching Staff

The Staff of the Department comprises 5 lectures, who teach and provide professional training for the students. The teaching staff is presented by 1 Professor, Doctor of Economics; 1 Assistant Professor, Doctor of Economics; 2 Assistant professors, PhD; 1 assistant, PhD.

100% of full-time teaching staff of the Department of International Economics have a Ph.D. degree. Read more...

40% of the teaching staff of the department are Certified Auditors of Ukraine.

The lecturers of the Department of International Economics Teachers administer course papers and diploma projects, supervise educational and practical training of the undergraduates, as well as preparation and defense of the Bachelor and Master theses, and take part in the state examinations.

The Staff of the Department of International Economics are constantly working to improve their professional skills by participating in national and international seminars and training programs.

Teaching students in foreign languages (English and Polish) has become possible due to the scientific and educational training at the universities of Poland and Great Britain, as well as involving the visiting professor from abroad.

The high level of teaching the economic subjects in the foreign languages is provided by the on-going improvement of the professional level of the Staff, in particular, by preparing for and taking the professional language exams.