Zhytomyr State Technological University

Zhytomyr State Technological University (ZSTU) is a higher state educational establishment, of the forth level of accreditation.

According to the license № 458280, series AE of 24.06.2014 ZSTU trains specialists at the educational level “Bachelor” in 18 directions, “Spesialists” in 18 specialities, “Master” in 20 specialities at both full time and part time form of studies.

The training of foreign students at full-time and part-time form of studies is carried out at 5 faculties:

The educational process at the University is carried out by 372 teachers and researchers (339 of them are full-time employees ), including 52 PhDs who hold the position of professors, and 172 PhD candidates who hold the position of associated professors.

ZSTU has everything necessary for students’ professional education and their personal growth: modern laboratories, computer classes, cozy dormitories, library and reading halls, sport’s centre, student’s centre for extracurricular work and leisure, recreation center. There are 11 sports facilities on the university campus, including stadium with artificial surface and a tennis court. The University has a sports camp, located outside the city. In ZSTU there is a medical center, a snack bar and a dining room for 220 seats.

The University has a scientific library which provides educational process with literature, periodical scientific journals. In addition to printed publications, the ZSTU library has electronic resources that are available on the web-site of the University https://ztu.edu.ua.

ZSTU is constantly engaged in the preparation and implementation of international projects in several areas: student and teacher exchange (Erasmus Mundus, Lineus Palma), the improvement of existing and development of new courses, the development and improvement of the structure of universities (Tempus), scientific cooperation (NATO Framework Programme of the EU) and others. In accordance with the bilateral cooperation agreements professors from leading European institutions annually come to lecture to ZSTU.

Zhytomyr State Technological University provides training for foreign students at 5 faculties in the following areas of training and specialities:

  Directions of training Bachelor Speciality Specialist Master
1 Economics of Enterprise + Economics of Enterprise + +
2 Personnel Management and Labour Economics + Personnel Management and Labour Economics + +
3 Finance and Crediting + Finance and Crediting + +
4 Accounting and Auditing + Accounting and Auditing + +
5 Management + Management of Organizations and Administration + +
6 Ecology and Environment Protection Balanced Environmental Management + Ecology and Environment Protection + +
Radioecology   +
7 Software Engineering + Systems Software + +
8 System Engineering + Computer Control Systems and Automation + +
9 Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies + Automated Control of Technological Process + +
10 Mining + Mining and Extraction of Minerals + +
Mine Surveying + +
11 Mechanical Engineering + Mechanical Engineering Technologies + +
12 Machine Building + Metal-Cutting Machines and Systems + +
Equipment for Chemical Production and Building Materials Enterprises + +
13 Radio Engineering + Radio Engineering + +
14 Radio-Electronic Devices + Biotechnical and Medical Apparatuses and Systems + +
15 Telecommunications + Technologies and Means of Telecommunications + +
16 Automobile Transport + Automobiles and Automobile Industry + +
17 Transport Technologies +      
18 Tourism +      

Cost of training at the preparatory department for foreign citizens is 1100$ per year.

Cost of training in all specialities is 1700$ per year.

Students are provided with dormitory. The cost of living in the dormitory is from 25$ to 50$ per month and depends on living conditions.

Duration of study:

  • Preparation department – 1 year;
  • Bachelor – 4 years;
  • Master – 1 year after graduating from the bachelor program.