Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University invites you to get quality education

035 Philology (Applied Linguistics). It is an avant-garde of technical and linguistic mainstream.Perfect knowledge of foreign languages and the latest information technologies is the key to success in our modern globalized society. Live without borders from Europe to the Far East! Rule the world!

051 Economics. Become a practitioner in the socialscience discipline of economics. Be good at specific markets, macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis or financialstatementanalysis, involving analytical methods and tools such as econometrics, statistics, economicscomputationalmodels, financialeconomics, mathematicalfinance and economics. Get to know about trade, investment, and migration.

053 Psychology will help you understand human behaviour and mental processes and allow you to better understand how we think act and feel. A psychology degree is one that is increasingly valued by employers who value the analytical and reasoning skills it gives you.If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the human condition you should consider studying psychology. "Extreme Psychology"involves psychology in the courts, advocating for children, and helping adults deal with children or other family members who are very difficult to live with day to day.

071 Accounting and Taxation. Today it is one of the most high-tech, cutting-edge professions, making advances in realms ranging from Big Data analytics to cloud computing to block chain technology. Accountants are the professionals who make sure that the money of corporations, governments, organizations, and individuals are being used well, and that means that, as long as there's money, accountants will be indispensable.

072 Finance, Banking and Insurance. You will be prepared to work with financial management in business of different legal forms; formation of incomes, expenses and reserves of insurance companies, operation of international financial organizations.

073 Management will provide you with vital knowledge and understanding of how to analyze the changing competitive landscape faced by organizations. You will master your leadership and managerial skills to make your company benefit.

076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges. You will be good at running a successful business. You will get to know about new product development, financing strategies, business design and e-commerce.

081 Law. It is stability and targeting. It is one of the most widespread up-market professions in the world of jurisprudence.If you dream to become a lawyer, a judge, a counsel or a civil-law notary, thisspeciality is exactly for you!

101 Ecology. You will study the state of air, water, soil, the impact of industrial waste on plants, animals and humans. You will be the one who finds out the causes of natural disasters and develop ways to minimize human exposure to the environment.

103 Geosciences. You will learn the structure, shape, origin, development of the Earth or its geospheres, phenomena and processes occurring in them. You will get basic knowledge of natural sciences, mathematics and information technology which are necesarry for the study of natural and anthropogenic objects and processes in the geospheres.

121 Software Engineering. You will learn how software systems are built, including such topics as project management, quality assurance and software testing. You will be involved in the development, debugging, testing of performance, software modification.During the study, you will master various technological approaches to software engineering, platforms, operating systems and, environments and programming languages for systems of different purposes.

122 Computer Science. You will get to know about artificial intelligence, machine learning, security and graphics.You will be trained as specialists, capable at high professional level to perform common functions, developer programmer, ICT-specialist for networking, database administrator, system administrator, tester programs, IT-architect. Tou will possess the skills of algorithmic thinking, information representation, programming, and design of information systems.

123 Computer Engineering. You will learn about artificial intelligence and robotics, computer architecture and design, essential software development, microprocessor design and interfacing as well as digital signal processing and very Large-Scale Integration.

125 Cybersecurity. You will monitor, detect, investigate, analyze, and respond to security events, protect systems from cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.This specialization covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems, from the hardware to the software to the human-computer interface, with the use of cryptography to secure interactions.

126 Information Systems and Technologies specialty will equip you to use information technology to solve some of the most pressing problems facing organizations today. You will get to know the principles of optimization and models, decision-making methods for creating information systems for various purposes. You will also learn to create the latest systems of accumulation, processing, storage of information and management systems. Graduates of the specialty can work as analysts of computer information systems, programmers, project managers, administrators of information systems and networks, database administrators, design and implement complex information systems and technologies.

131 Applied Mechanics (specialization "High-Tech Computer Engineering") You will learn about computational mechanics, dynamics and vibration and transportation.You will get to know how to develop methods of theoretical experimental research of the manufactured production and research facilities innovation. You will be able to use methods of linear programming, information technology and information available to explore the problem of the sensitivity of linear programming, models of transportation problems and their solution methods, methods of discrete programming (Branch and net method, sequential analysis and dropout options), modern methods of linear and nonlinear programming.

133 Sectoral mechanical engineering (Industry Engineering ("Computer-aided design and modeling of machines and machines")) is especially relevant in connection with the development of small enterprises, where one specialist controls the technology, equipment and economic aspects of production. You will get to know how to organize the operation, maintenance and repair of technological equipment; you will be engaged in its design, construction, production, installation and adjustment, select corrosion-resistant construction materials for equipment and develops methods of protection against corrosion and wear, investigate the technological processes that occur in the equipment, to increase its efficiency work.

151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies. It isa specialty for training specialists in computerized control systems, technical and software tools for automation and automation of technological processes at manufacturing enterprises, in transport and in everyday life. When designing, implementing and implementing modern automation and automation tools, computer-integrated technologies are used.

152 Metrology and Information Measurement Technology. Metrology is the science of measurement that establishes a common understanding of units, crucial in linking human activities. You will get to know about time and frequency, electrical quantities, amount of substance and ionizing radiation.

163 Biomedical engineering. You will study current trends in medical instrument development; mechanisms, methods and means of designing, developing and exploiting medical devices, biological and technical apparatus and systems, including devices and systems for replacing lost organs and functions of the human body; methods and means of control of technological processes during development, manufacturing and operation of biotechnical equipment for the needs of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of patients.

172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. It focuses on the interaction between computer systems, communication methods, and devices. You will design video, data, and voice communication systems, oversee the installation and maintenance of these systems, including their repair and testing.

183 Environmental Protection Technologies. You will learn about the environmental impact of new constructions and other forms of industrial activity. The main learning outcomes are: awareness of methods for modeling systems and processes of man-made environmental safety, theoretical, field and laboratory research, qualitative and quantitative chemical, physical, physicochemical, biological, microbiological methods of designing systems and technologies for environmental protection.

184 Mining. You will be in charge of coordinating and supervising all the activities in the mine regarding digging, extracting, and transporting minerals out of the mine as well as specialize in designing, developing, and testing machines, techniques, and processes for harvesting geological material.

232 Social welfare. If you want to analyze social processes related to social development of the state, human resources management and digital intelligence, understand the legal framework of social work and social security, using big-data technologies and learning foreign languages, then the specialty "Social Security" is for you. You will learn to manage human resources.

241 Hotel-Restaurant Right. You will get to know how to determine the most promising solutions to increase the demand for services; you will learn to quickly adapt the latest achievements to today's needs, resolve conflicts (among staff, between staff and customers), take orders, organize and hold banquets, receptions, control the technical supply.

242 Tourism. You will run special events and generate marketing opportunities, oversee services that provide information and advice on what to see and do in a particular city, town, area or country. You will be involved in booking accommodation, making reservations and selling related gifts and souvenirs.

262 Law Enforcement. It is responsibility and drive. The one and only speciality that allows you to get comprehensive knowledge of law enforcement and acquire firearms and martial arts skills. If you want to become a highly professionallaw enforcement specialist, join us!

274 Automobile Transport. You will get to know about wind tunnel, robotic willing, laser cutting, rapid prototyping, 3D printing and clay modelling facilities. You will learn about the most broad spectrum of transport design, surface and colour applications, lifestyle and future design solutions.

275 Transport Technologies. You will get to know about Tyre-road Interface, Electric Aircraft Propulsion Technology. You will learn to overcome challenges for autonomous vehicles and driver behavior studies. You will be able to deliver efficient, accessible, sustainable and clean transport systems.

281 Public Administration and Management. It is a future-oriented speciality where you will learn state processmanagement.If you strive to strengthen the commonwealth of your country and join the elite society, thisspeciality is your best choice!

292 International Economic Relations. You will get the in-depth understanding of the market, political and other forces that drive the economic globalization process as well as the private and public actors and institutions that shape international trade and financial developments and policies.