Our students' impressions

Nazar Kyarizov
Nazar Kyarizov, Turkmenistan, Master of Automobiles and Automobile Industry 2014

I've always wanted to obtain higher education in Ukraine, but I have never heard about the city of Zhytomyr. One day I was luckyto learn about Zhytomyr when I studied at the Sunday school at the Embassy of Ukraine in Turkmenistan.After I finished school I was admitted to Zhytomyr State Technological University on a specialty "Automobiles and Automobile Industry".

Zhytomyr is a small, charming, beautiful city, but the main things for me are the forests, rivers, lakes… Аll these for me are very exotic! The university and the hostel are located in a quiet area near the river banks. For me it was a fairy tale in reality.

I got accepted and admitted to the university with the best hospitality, and that’s important to understand, because at that time I could not communicate in Ukrainian language. Both in the university and the hostel, I immediately found friends who were willing to help me in any matter incomprehensible to me. The learning process was interesting, lecturers are true professionals! University has a solid scientific base, a complex of laboratories. Also, attention is paid to cultural and sporting aspects. After receiving a Bachelor's degree, I enrolled in graduate school.As a student who knew English and succeeded in studying, I had a chance to go to one of the leading universities in Europe. So I passed my internship in Linchoping University (Sweden). I could not imagine that for a foreign student it could all be possible! Only when I got on the plane, I knew all my dreams came true.

Years of training influenced my personal growth. Sincere thanks to ZSTU, to lecturers and to all my friends for the best years of my youth.

Anatoliy Syromyatnikov
Anatoliy Syromyatnikov, Turkmenistan, Specialist of System Software 2015

I studied at ZSTU at the Faculty of Information and computer technology, the specialty “Software engineering”. During the 3 years of studies I was serving as a head of leisure for students in student government, I organized and conducted various competitions and activities. During 5 years in ZSTU I got acquainted with friends, learned how to deal with various problems and situations. Unfortunately, all good things eventually come to the end, and my training come to the end too. But it enabled me to face the real world, work, etc… ZSTU and the city of Zhitomir is an impressive city to live in. I guess I will come back here again and again to relax, meet friends and group mates.

Turan Bayramov
Turan Bayramov, Azerbaijan, Bachelor of Mining Engineering 2015

It is a good university with a good staff of professional lectures, who are always ready to help and explain if something is not clear. The University is constantly improving. It's one of the best universities in Zhytomyr region. I liked Zhytomyr, because it’s a small, green and a friendly town. Overall, talking about Ukraine, I can say that this is a country with beautiful nature, where people love and try to protect their homeland.

Dominick Jackson Sanguya
Dominick Jackson Sanguya,Tanzania, student of direction of mining, 2015-2016 academic year.

I am a fourth year engineering student. According to experience I can say that Zhytomyr as a city and as a second home is a perfect place for students’ life. During my stay here I have met friends who are like family to me.My lectures were and are very sociable and interacted with me as well as other foreign students in a friendly way.I meant the university takes good care of the student as one family. I will soon be graduating, but I will surely miss this splendid city with its people, the hospitality that Zhytomyr offered to me with open arms will forever be in my heart. I will surely miss each person and everything that I experienced in Zhytomyr. As for me, it will forever be my second home, apart from Tanzania. On technical and professional point of view, the university has prepared me to be a competitive engineer in competitive world ahead, I am sure to blend in well at any job with my education obtained at ZSTU. I am sincerely thankful to the university, for taking good care of me. I will always be grateful for this experience.

Gurdov Merdan
Gurdov Merdan, Turkmenistan, a fourth-year student in the direction of Automobiles and Automobile Industry, 2015-2016 academic year

Since my early childhood I have had a dream of training an automobile transport, and here my dream comes true. I have visited many cities of Ukraine, but I chose Zhytomyr for study. This is a very cozy, quiet and pleasant city. Despite the fact that I live and study many kilometers away from my Motherland I still feel like at home. University administration has done everything necessary for us to create wonderful living conditions in the hostel. As for the teachers, we notice their attention to each student and willingness to pass on their knowledge and skills. Together with us kind Ukrainian students are studying who really help us with our studies. Various educational events are often held at the University and each one succeeds better than the previous.

In December 2015 the Ukrainian-Turkmen educational and cultural center was established in ZSTU. The creation of this center indicates the attitude and attention to university students from Turkmenistan and a desire for further cooperation in training citizens from my country.

During the studying at the university I had a lot of friends, not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries. I do not regret that I'm here. Time spent in Zhytomyr, will be remembered forever, because the students’ years are the best years of the life. Most of all I remember our first day at the university as we were met by the workers of the center of work with the foreign students. It was a very pleasant and memorable reception. The center's employees are actively interested in our life and help in different situations. My impressions about the education and students’ life in Ukraine, especially about Zhytomyr, are at the highest level.

Meredov Parahat
Meredov Parahat, Turkmenistan, a fourth-year student in the direction of Automobiles and Automobile Industry, 2015-2016 academic year

I was transferred to ZSTU after the 2nd course of study. I like this university, because the teachers’ attitude towards teaching students is serious and responsible. All the teachers are very helpful people, who are always ready to help.

During such a short period of study I have gained a lot of good friends and acquaintances with whom I can have fun, discuss something, knowing that I will always be understood and supported by them.

University, where I study, is located in Zhytomyr. It is a small town with a very beautiful nature, there are many interesting and exciting places. The people here are nice and hospitable.

It’s even hard for me to believe that for such a short period of time I was able to get so many impressions, new knowledge and good friends.

At home I will recommend ZSTU for everyone who will have a wish to get a higher education in Ukraine.

Nurmyradov Guvanch
Nurmyradov Guvanch, Turkmenistan, fourth-year student in the direction of software engineering, 2015-2016 academic year.

My childhood dream was to get an education in the field of modern technology! Fortunately, my dream came true here, in Zhytomyr. If previously someone had told me that I would study abroad, most likely I would not have believed that. But it happened that way that I am in Ukraine and I feel extremely happy about that.

As for Zhytomyr city, firstly, I want to say that I really like the relationship between the people here. I noticed that the Ukrainians are very hard working and hospitable people. Also, they are very sociable and always ready to help. In turn, the city is very quiet and peaceful to live in. No matter if it is winter now or summer, spring or autumn, I’m always amazed with the city’s beautiful nature.

Talking about the university, the first impression was, of course, good and it has more and more improved with the time. Thanks to the professionalism of the teachers and the variety of subjects that have been and still are present in my department, I can conclude that my childhood dream has come true. I’m really grateful to the teachers, as thanks to them, I already know and can do a lot. If the teachers hadn’t spent so much time to teach me, I wouldn’t have had that important experience that I have now. Without a doubt, their work brings useful results. Also, I would like to admit the cultural and entertaining activities that are usually held at the university. These educational events are very bright and interesting, they provide a lot of communication. Thanks to them I have gained a lot of friends and I will always remember that.

All the knowledge that I have got here will be very useful in reaching my career goals.

Gozenko Mihail
Gozenko Mihail, Turkmenistan, a fourth-year student in the direction of Mine Surveying.

By the end of Grade 10, I started to look for and consider which country to choose for getting a higher education and in the end I chose Ukraine. As I knew that it’s a country of the friendly and honest people. It remained to be determined only with the city. I chose the Zhitomir city, as it is small, cozy and modern. The choice of the university, where I wanted to study was obvious - I was interested in the exact sciences. ZSTU is a great university where the student receives a very good knowledge if he or she has a desire to learn. I was pleased that the territory of ZSTU has its own small park with a fountain, where not only the students can relax, but also the families with children who live in the area. I chose the specialty of mine surveying. For 4 years I have realized that this specialty is rather difficult, which requires attentiveness and diligence. I did not regret that chose this profession because it is interesting for me. In ZSTU there are so many qualified teachers to be proud of. I want to thank all those people who helped and still help me to gain knowledge.

Elhadj Lansana Kalifa Bangoura
Elhadj Lansana Kalifa Bangoura, Guinea, student of direction of mining, 2015-2016 academic year.

Education in Ukraine is an exciting and rewarding experience for many students from around the world. This is an opportunity to study at a world-class academic institution, an opportunity to make friends from different cultures and the chance to discover Ukraine and everything this country can offer! An important aspect of training in Ukraine is that a lot of interesting jobs and opportunities are waiting for you! If I had to describe my experience of studying in one sentence, I would say, Zhytomyr State Technological University is a wonderful and magical place where I feel infinitely happy.