Studying proccess

At Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University students are taught by highly qualified teaching staff with extensive practical experience.

Our teaching staff actively participates in scientific conferences, maintains a relation with foreign educational institutions and various associations overseas. Our lecturers pay due attention towards improving the quality and significance of research aimed at solving fundamental problems.

Our teachers promote students’ creative work, which stimulates their involvement in extracurricular instructional and educational activities that are organized at Zhytomyr Polytechnic as a part of education and research work.

Our mentors encourage students for scientific activity, by training their self-discipline, and developing their desire to work independently, creatively, and persistently.

We organize and conduct concerts, themed nights, trips to picturesque places in Ukraine, meetings with representatives of different companies. It gives our students the possibility to increase cognitive ability, form active social stance, and create an overall culture of positive learning and motivation.