Zhytomyr is a cozy and beautiful city located in the northern part of Ukraine in few hours’ drive from the capital - Kyiv. It is a modern city with centuries of history. In the 10th century Zhytomyr became part of Kievan Rus, and in 13th century like other cities, has undergone devastating invasion of Mongol conquerors. A century later, it came into the possession of the Lithuanian dukes. Periodically suffering from the nomads, Zhytomyr was growing, expanding its territory, its castle was considerably strengthened and surrounded by a moat. By the middle of the 15th century it was among the 15 largest cities of the Polish-Lithuanian principality. Since 1569 Polish magnates refueled in Zhytomyr, and at the end of the 18th century it became a part of the Russian empire and has evolved into a major industrial and commercial center.

Today Zhytomyr is famous as a motherland for many prominent figures of science and culture, who entered its name in history. Here, in particular, a founder of practical astronautics and the first space rocket designer Sergei Korolyov was born. A unique Zhytomyr Space Museum is named after him.

Zhytomyr can boast of interesting architectural monuments, among them the grand Cathedral of the Transfiguration holds a special place. The Cathedral was built in the 9th century. Today it is a symbol of the city. It impresses with its grandeur and sheer size – the height of its towers reaches 53 meters. On the hill, where the Zhytomyr castle once stood, today there is another remarkable monument of sacral architecture - The Cathedral of St. Sophia. It was built in the 8th century. It has a very original architecture due to the harmonious fusion of two styles - Baroque and late Renaissance.

There are many beautiful parks and public gardens in Zhytomyr, it’s one of the greenest cities in Ukraine! The most picturesque is the Park named after Yuriy Haharin. Apart from the cozy alleys and fountains cascades, there is another attraction of Zhytomyr - suspension bridge, which overlooks the city.

The main advantage of Zhytomyr is its endearing hospitality with which the city welcomes its guests. Not for nothing the ancient emblem of the city depicts a hospitably open gate. Nowadays a quiet and cozy Zhytomyr is open to anyone who wants to get acquainted with its rich past and not less interesting present.