History of the university


The General Technical Faculty of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

One of the higher educational institutions which were established by the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the General Technical Faculty (ZhGTF) of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) in Zhytomyr. It began to work on the base of Zhytomyr Pedagogical Institute educational buildings on September 1, 1960. The first enrollment constituted 314 students.

From the start there were two departments at the faculty: “Technology of Machine Building, Metal-Cutting Machines and Instruments” and “Automation and Telemechanics.” The part-time students studied at the faculty during three years and then they had the opportunity to complete their studies at other educational institutions of Ukraine and other republics of the former Soviet Union. Later the evening and full-time departments were opened with full cycle of training. The first dean of the faculty was the Candidate of Economic Sciences, As. Professor Anashkin Vasyl Ivanovych.

A great many famous people of Ukraine were students of the General Technical Faculty. The University is proud of its lecturers and students. Suffice is to mention such doctors and scientists as: Greenberg I.P., who is now the Doctor of Engr., Professor, N.Ostrovsky, the Prize winner, Yuschenko V.T., the director of the regional NTO “Machprom”, Grabar I.G. – Doctor of Engr., Professor, a famous specialist in mechanics, Melnichuk P.P., Doctor of Engr., Professor – now rector of Zhytomyr State Technological University and many other graduates who made history in science and engineering.

The first teachers of the faculty were Kuzmenko V.K., Bondarets M.I., Vakhbreit Z.D., Ilchuk L.H., Kuznetsova N.V., Pyrih H.H., Khomenko A.A., Tikhonovich I.C., Rohach A.S., Ustavschikova O.A.. Hard work was done by the administrative group, methodologists Kalinina T.T., Yarovaya E.K., Nikitina O.I, secretary Olchovich L.A., librarian Dovzhenko N.I.

For the purpose of acquiring practical skills in general engineering disciplines the base of Zhytomyr industrial enterprises was used. All laboratory work was performed directly at industrial facilities of Zhytomyr.

During the first two years the General Technical Faculty had some difficulties concerning the realization of curricula as it had not its own educational-laboratory building. The students had to study in the buildings of Pedagogical and Agricultural institutes, Automative and Technological colleges; however the laboratory equipment of these educational establishments did not meet the requirements of academic programmes.

Since then the whole teaching staff of the faculty began to create its own education production base: the study rooms were equipped, necessary materials, devices, machine-tools were bought, and the first laboratories were initiated.

For the purpose of improving the training level of the school-leavers the preparatory courses were established in 1962. The first teacher who began preliminary training was the graduate from Lviv University Khomenko A.A., now the senior teacher of the Department of Physics.

Persistent work of teachers, growing demands of the region in specialists, personal interest and substantial assistance of the local government bodies created favourable conditions concerning the increase of specialists training.

Material and technical basis of the faculty constantly increased. Existing laboratories and workshops were re-equipped and expanded, and new ones were established. In 1964 valuable equipment was supplied by the Institute of Nuclear Power named after Kurchatov (Moscow) thanks to the support of local authorities and on personal initiative of V.G.Bazhenov, G.T.Ustavschikov, and others.

The Council of Development Promotion of the General Technical Faculty helped to establish business-like cooperation with industrial enterprises of Zhytomyr region, which also provided the faculty with invaluable material assistance and financial aid.

Higher educational institutions cannot work properly without a library with necessary amount of relevant books, textbooks, tutorials, and scientific literature. That is why, one month after the Faculty was established, the library started to work, although only 99 books were available there. But it was a good beginning. Two years later there were more than 12 thousand volumes of different kinds.

Thus, during its first years of work (1960-1963) the Faculty was permanently strengthening and became “a forge of engineers” as it was called by V.I.Anashkin, the first dean of Zhytomyr General Technical Faculty.

To have its own building was absolutely necessary for further successful work of the faculty. And the construction of four-floor building which began in 44, Pushkinska Street in February 1965 was finished at the end of 1966. And in 1967 the faculty started to work at its full capacity and the evening department was established in the following specialties: “Technology of Machine Building and Metal-Cutting Equipment” (50 entrants according to the plan) and “Automation of Production Units” (25 entrants). In 1968 the plan of enrollment was already twice as much.

In 1969 a full-time department was established in the specialty “Technology of Machine building and Metal-cutting equipment” (50 entrants according to the plan). Among the first students was Petro Melnychuk – now professor, the rector of Zhytomyr State Technological University.

Therefore, when Zhytomyr General Technical Faculty celebrated its tenth anniversary, it already had great achievements. In 1970 there were 1537 students, 32 laboratories, 24 classrooms, 3 reading-rooms and an assembly hall. The library had more than 50 thousand books, textbooks, scientific journals and other printed materials.

The full-time and evening forms of training led to the corresponding changes in the structural units. It resulted in the creation of new departments. In 1970-1972 the following departments were created: The Department of Higher Mathematics, the Department of Physics and Chemistry, the Department of Technical Mechanics, the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machine Tools and Cutting Tools, Automation and Control Department, Marxism-Leninism Department, the Department of Engineering Graphics. Zhytomyr General Technical Faculty at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was recognized as one of the best higher educational institutions in former USSR. The graduates showed a high level of training at various enterprises of the country. The faculty was becoming more and more popular among the youth, as well as the demand for engineering professions was increasing.

A new major “Automation and Telemechanics” with full-time and evening forms of training was introduced in 1972. In 1973 the first 70 students of the evening form of training obtained the degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1975 180 engineers graduated from the General Technical Faculty. It came true owing to the work of highly qualified teaching staff. By the end of 1973 98 teachers had been working at the faculty, 39 of them were Associate Professors.

Research work is an integral part of both teaching and scientific activity. Despite the tough period of the faculty development, the departments were able to focus on methodological and scientific work. They managed to provide students with text-books, laboratory practice instructions, graphic tasks, etc. Special attention was paid to scientific researches and close collaboration with both industrial enterprises and scientific institutions of former USSR.

The outcomes of scientific research activity at the Department of Mechanics found their practical application in industry. So, the teachers of that department were involved in the project aimed to improve the reliability of drive fans. They developed the unique methodology and designed the equipment for testing. Due to that, the company-customer in Mykolaiv could get significant savings and increase the productivity. The cooperation with many industrial enterprises allowed many researchers to prove the scientific and practical value of their work. As a result, many scientific articles were regularly published in scientific editions.

In October 1968, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Ukrainian SSR held a scientific and methodical seminar on Theoretical Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines and Mechanisms and Machine Elements at Zhytomyr General Technical Faculty (ZhGTF).

Closely connected to the enterprises operating in the specific field of industry, the Faculty tried to intensify the process of training specialists for the region. That is why the most suitable conditions for training full-time students were created at the Faculty and at the enterprises. The topics of yearly and diploma projects were often worked out in consideration of enterprises’ and scientific institutions’ requests.

ZhGTF successfully carried out educational activity. Both teaching skills and scientific and research work of the staff were developing. Students received highly qualified educational services. After graduation from the General-Technical Faculty students had the opportunity to complete their studies at KPI and other higher educational establishments of the former USSR. A lot of alumni of ZhGTF became leading specialists of different enterprises of Zhytomyr region.

In 1971 the construction of a new educational building in Chernyakhovsky Street began. In 1972, several departments and laboratories changed their locations and moved to a new building.

Zhytomyr Branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Educational and scientific achievements of the Faculty raised an issue of the Faculty reorganization. On the 26th of November, 1974, the General Technical Faculty was reorganized into Zhytomyr Branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute by the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Ukrainian SSR. The first director of the Branch was the Candidate of Engr., As. Professor Bazhenov V.G. The Vice Director of the Branch was a senior lecturer Balyuk A.D.

Zhytomyr Branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute grew rapidly and in years 1973-1975, the Department of Machine-Building (the Department was headed by the Candidate of Engr., As. Professor Severylov V.C.) and the Department of Metal-Cutting Machines and Instruments were established (the Department was headed by the Candidate of Engr., As. Professor Kobzar Ye.P.).

In 1975-1977 the Branch was divided into several faculties: the Mechanical Faculty, the Faculty of the evening training and the Faculty of the part-time form of training (headed by Associate Professors Kobzar Ye.P., Kostrytsa M.M. and Turchanov V.T. respectively).

In this period the Electro-Technical Faculty and the specialty “Automation and Telemechanics” were established. The Faculty was headed by the Candidate of Engr., As. Professor Zabashta Y.P.

Zhytomyr Branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was now more developed and complex institution compared to the General Technical Faculty. After the construction of a refectory and a hall of residence the Subdivision of Economic Management was established.

Doctor of Engineering, Professor Samotokin Borys Borysovych was appointed a director of Zhytomyr Branch of KPI. The Branch developed two main scientific directions. The first was “Creation of new methods of productivity increase in machine building through development of new constructions and improvement of the existing ones, equipping of means of production mechanization and production automatization.” The second direction was “Development of means of information receiving and processing, creation of new elements and devices of radio electronic machinery.”

Permanent scientific research of young scientific schools allowed to reach significant results. Scientists supervised by such As. Professors as Bazhenov V.G., Baliyk A.D., Melnychyk P.P. achieved the increase of reliability and durability of machines. The same scientists developed devices and methods of mechanical testing of components and joints of gas-turbine engines, electromagnetic storage of energy including those ones of polymeric materials and others. Doctor of Engr. Grabar I.G. analyzed deeply physical phenomena arising in mechanical constructions. He suggested the model of thermo active destruction, developed the method of rapid testing of constructions.

One of the progressive directions in machine building was the renewal of spent parts by means of deposition of appropriate chemical compositions. This direction became new in the activities of the laboratory which was headed by a senior research worker Danylchuk M.P. Technological processes and equipment for gas-thermal deposition of spent parts were developed here.

The Department of Automation and Management in Technical Systems under the scientific supervision of Candidate of Engr., As. Professor Hnilitskiy V.V. developed the specialized processors for processing of complex signals. Research industrial line was produced on the base of these processors. The sample was displayed at the International exhibition in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) called “TEX-EXH-90”.

The scientific group supervised by Candidate of Engr., As. Professor Zabashta Yu.P. worked at the digital processing of vibration signals analyzer called SK 4303. They also worked at the software for it.

The Department of Robotics and Technical Systems and Complexes supervised by Doctor of Engr., Professor Samotokin B.B developed system handlers of automated control of devices; industrial robots; some issues of design automation of robot and technical systems. One of the handlers was displayed at the International exhibition in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) called “TEX-EXH-90”.

The laboratory of radio electronic devices supervised by Candidate of Engr., senior research worker Manoylov V.P. developed fast-acting ferrite phase rotators, modulators and switches.

In addition to the group researches individual scientific studies were conducted as well. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Ovander L.M. kept on studying nonlinear effects in crystals. Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, As. Professor Salogub V.A. researched wave equations of quantum Physics. Candidate of Engr., As. Professor Kolodnytsky M.M. developed a set of applied programmes for modeling of complex dynamic systems.

The Branch of KPI actively collaborated with the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine concerning problems of solidity, modeling in power engineering, electrodynamics, problems of materiology, economics, took an active part in the activity of North-West scientific centre. The 2-nd All-Union Congress in mechanics of destruction, 3 scientific technical conferences, annual regional inter-branch scientific technical conferences were held at Zhytomyr Branch of KPI.

In 1985 prof. Samotokin B.B. was sent for a 2 month training to the UK. He studied the experience of training in Robotics at Aston University (Birmingham) and Imperial College (London). The results of this training were used when opening a specialty, "Robotechnical Systems and Complexes" at Zhytomyr Branch of KPI.

In 1991 the preparatory department for foreign students was licensed at Zhytomyr Branch of KPI. The first 50 foreigners, mainly from Pakistan and India, studied at the preparatory department. After completing the preparatory courses some of them continued training at Zhytomyr Branch of KPI in "Robotechnical Systems and Complexes".

Since 1977 the club of merry and inquisitive has begun its activity at the Branch. Its founder was a lively and cheerful person – the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Zabashta Yu.P. The club became a mandatory attribute of the faculty days. The themes of its performances were devoted mainly to the life of the Branch.

An important role in the life of the Branch was played by sports. More than 30 cups and prizes were the evidence of the achievements of Physical Education Department. Since 1977 the Branch teams have begun to participate in sports contests among Ukrainian educational institutions. In 1982 female volleyball players won the second place and were awarded with silver medals. One of the most popular and most beloved sports branch is basketball. So, it is natural that the team of athletes has achieved high results in this kind of sport.

The movement of student construction teams was a bright page of the Branch history. The first team "Polissia" was formed in 1972. The students built seven two-apartment houses. The total amount numbered about 2000 boys and girls.

Zhytomyr Branch of KPI trained nearly 6000 highly qualified professionals whose demand in the industrial centers of Ukraine had always exceeded supply. The Branch had an authoritative teaching staff with master and doctoral academic degrees, and gradually it became a ground for highly qualified scientific personnel.


Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology

On April 2, 1994, Zhytomyr Branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was reorganized into Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology (ZhIET). It was the first institute of engineering-technological type in Zhytomyr region at that time.

Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology inherited a well-developed material basis and the scientific staff from the Branch. They were doctors of sciences, professors Bakka M.T., Bazhenov V.G., Grabar I.G., Zverev S.M., Kovalenko M.V., Kruglyak B.A., Ovander L.M., Samotokin B.B., Soloninko K.S. Though the number of doctors of sciences, professors was still low, it made nearly 7.5% of the general academic staff, which was more than the average index at higher technical establishments in Ukraine. Also five candidates of sciences worked upon doctor’s dissertations, which had been ready for 70-90%.

In February 1995 a new faculty appeared in the structure of ZhIET – the Faculty of Economics and Management. The responsibilities of the faculty dean were fulfilled by the Doctor of Economics, Prof. Butynets F.F., and in April 1995 Kulakovska L.P. was elected as the dean of the faculty. In June 1994 a new specialty “Accounting and Audit” was introduced at the institute, and in August of the same year the Department of Socio-Political and Humanitarian Sciences was divided into the Department of Humanitarian Sciences, headed by the Doctor of Historical Sciences Kruglyak B.A., and the Foreign Languages Department, headed by the Candidate of Philological Sciences, Kurnosova N.O. At the beginning of 1995 the Department of Economics and Labour Organization was divided into the Department of Economics, Accounting and Audit, headed by Butynets F.F., and into the Department of Industrial Management, headed by the director of the plant “Himvolokno”, D. Engr. Linnyk V.O.

The postgraduate course started its work in 1994. The first postgraduate students were 9 people who studied in three specialties:

  • 05.02.09 “Dynamics and Durability of Mechanisms”;
  • 05.13.03 “Systems and Processes of Control”;
  • 08.06.04 “Accounting, Analysis and Auditing”.

The Faculty of Specialists’ Retraining expanded the activity directions and it got the license for retraining in all basic specialties which were opened at the institute at that time. The contingent of auditors increased up to 200 people. The educational process is organized in two forms: the full-time and the correspondence form. The full-time department presupposes training unemployed people who are sent by the employment centre. The demand for this type of educational services and the abilities of the faculty is proved by the fact that only for two years of its existence, 250 employees of the state establishments were trained and 150 military men improved their proficiency level.

At the beginning of 2000 2150 students of the full-time department and 2312 students of the correspondence department studied at ZhIET in 13 specialties (10 directions). In 1999 Masters training in 5 specialties was started at the institute. In 1990s, which were so hard for the national economy of Ukraine in general and for the higher education in particular, the Branch, and then the Institute headed for financial self-provision. It allowed the institute not only to survive under the conditions of the transition period, but also to develop intensively: to buy the recreation camp in the village of Levkiv, to create a sanatorium, to update completely the computer base, to support the educational-laboratory base, to finish building physical training module, to create a publishing department. The latter was especially important as it allowed to provide the new specialties with the necessary educational literature. The library fund comprised almost 264 thousand items.

In collaboration with the secondary special educational establishments (technical schools, colleges) of Zhytomyr and other regions, four educational-scientific complexes were organized. It allowed continuing training of the graduates at the Institute for the educational level “Specialist”, having shortened the period for 1.5-2 years.

The Institute gave the opportunity to students to study at Zhytomyr Military Institute of Radio Electronics and to get the rank of a reserve officer.

Birthday of the Institute as an independent establishment coincided with the first issue of the scientific edition “The Journal of Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology”, where the main scientific research results were published.

Special thanks go to Doctor of Engr., Professor Samotokin B.B. for creating the team of like-minded people for intensive development of international collaboration with CIS and Western Europe universities.

In 1995 the institute won a grant of Eurasian fund on creating the regional Internet centre. Due to that project the staff and students were the first in the region to have access to a global computer network. That project evoked intensive computerization of educational process.

In 1996 ZhIET became a member of the European Association of International Education, European Association of Engineering Education, European Network of a Long-Distance Education, International Ecological Organization “Global Nest” and others.

In 1998 the Institute won a grant on carrying out Joint European Project under TACIS TEMPUS program “Science on Environment in the Region of Radiation Influence on Human Health”. It was done by combined efforts with Parma University (Italy), Gent University (Belgium) and Mitweide University (Germany). During that project 36 teachers and postgraduates had a probationary period in Italy and Germany.

In 2000 Melnychuk P.P. was appointed the Rector of ZhIET. The team able to lead the staff activity of educational institution was formed. They were Grabar I.G., D. Engr., Professor, Vygovskiy G.M., D. Sc., As. Professor, Samotokin B.B., D. Engr., Professor. The staff and students achieved considerable results. The material and technical provision was modernized.

In 2002 the University won a grant on carrying out Joint European Project under TACIS Tempus Program “Master’s Degree of Business Administration with Advanced studies of Information Technologies”. Such Universities as Zaporizhskiy State University, Donetsk State University of Management, European University (Kyiv), Shtuttgart University (Germany), University of Sunderland (Great Britain), National Institute of Telecommunication (France) took part in that project. The purpose of the project was development under the MBA Program with information technologies concentration according to European standards and its implementation into Ukrainian educational system during 2005-2006. That year a group of university specialists were participants of the VIth EU Frame program in Riga, Latvia. The aim of the project was to work out percolative nanostructured bioceramics which would be used as a bone implant.

University research workers participated in the international conferences in Germany, Poland, Russia, Greece, France, Czech Republic, Latvia and other countries. A lot of international scientific conferences were held in the University. One of them was devoted to the aerospace complex problem “Conversion and New Technologies”.

Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology was accredited to the status of higher educational institution of the fourth level on October 15, 2002.

Many well-known scientists took an interest in the Institute’s activity. Among them there are Raushenbakh B.V., academician of AS USSR; Besekerskiy V.A., Professor, the founder of the Institute of Applied Mechanics; Pysarenko G. S., academician of AS Ukraine; Pukhov G. Ye., academician of AS Ukraine.

Zhytomyr State Technological University

The year 2003 became a memorable landmark in the history of the educational institution. Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology was reorganized into Zhytomyr State Technological University (ZhSTU). Melnichuk P.P., D.Engr., Professor, Academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was elected the rector of the University.

Zhytomyr State Technological University is a higher educational institution of the fourth accreditation level. It includes four faculties and an institute which train students of full-time and correspondence departments. They are the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Information-Computer Technologies, the Faculty of Economics and Management, the Faculty of Mining and Ecology, the Institute of Audit and Finance. The Faculty of Preliminary Training, technical school and the Faculty of Specialists’ Retraining provide continuing education.

The University implements the consecutive concept of education focused on demands of the present time and near future. Thus three new specialties were licensed from 2003 to 2005: Finance, Personnel Management and Labor Economics, Setup of Chemical Production and Building Materials Enterprises. In 2005 the license for training specialists in Technologies and Means of Telecommunication was got. The licensed amount of applicants for the Faculty of Specialists’ Retraining has increased considerably. Those who have already got higher education can get the second one in Auditing and Accounting, Business Economics, Organization Management, Automated System Software.

So, today students of full-time and part-time forms of training study at ZhSTU in 17 specialties. Besides ZhSTU provides specialists’ retraining in 4 majors, advanced training and training of foreign citizens. The University provides training leading to the degrees of Bachelor, Specialist (engineers, economists, managers) and Master. ZhSTU has created 5 educational scientific-production complexes and 7 educational systems including colleges, technical schools, enterprises and organizations of Zhytomyr region for training specialists of high qualification.

Highly qualified teaching staff of 24 departments train students at ZSTU. The departments are headed by 16 professors, doctors of science and 9 associate professors, candidates of science. This kind of organizational structure is logical, well-considered and directed to optimal support of educational process. 84,4% of teaching staff works on a permanent basis. 42 teachers of the University have the degree of Doctor of Sciences and 169 the degree of Candidate of Sciences. 72,3% of the teachers are under retirement age.

Zhytomyr State Technological University has inherited highly qualified teaching staff of Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology including doctors of science V.G. Bazhenov, M.T. Bakka, F.F. Butynets, M.I. Dolgilevych, G.G. Karyuk, V.P. Manoylov, P.P. Melnychuk, V.I. Mulyar, L.M. Ovander, B.B. Samotokin, K.S. Soloninko. Current scientific schools of the University are headed by professors P.P. Melnychuk, A.V. Panishev, B.B. Samotokin, O.M. Bezvesilna, V.P. Manoylov, V.K.Danylko. They are the pride and future of our University. Thanks to them, the University is becoming more and more attractive for school and college graduates. Economic and IT specialties have become more prestigious recently. The town lyceum, the faculty of preliminary training, fairs of different professions, open days, economic and technical lecture centers have positive effects on enrollment campaign. For example, “Economic Lecture Centre” is conducted for senior pupils of Zhytomyr and offers the program of Economic Fundamentals and Business Fundamentals. Basic tasks that are solved during “Economic Lecture Centre” are the following:

  • popularization of knowledge in the sphere of economics and business, content of normative legal documents;
  • involvement of talented young people in scientific researches of economic science;
  • formation of basic economic knowledge for further training in the sphere of economics, law, management.

During 1999 – 2004 the University was chosen as a basic one for conducting the second stage of All Ukrainian student contest in Auditing and Accounting and of student scientific researches in Business Economics and Production Management. Every year ZhSTU students participate in the second stage of All Ukrainian student contests. Thus in 2003-2004 10 students became the winners of the contest, 4 of them got top diplomas.

Particular attention is paid to the training of highly-qualified professional staff at a post-graduate course. At present the training of scientific personnel is carried out in 13 specialties. Every year university graduates are offered to continue their studies at the full-time or correspondence departments of a post-graduate course for the costs of the state budget or on the contract basis.

In 2004 a system of Doctor’s postgraduate studies was founded for training scientific personnel in 2 specialties: “Mechanical Engineering” and “Accounting, Analysis and Auditing”. Nowadays the system of Doctor’s postgraduate studies includes 4 specialties.

The university creates the most favorable conditions for young scientists. Workplaces are equipped with modern computers. There are annual budget expenditures for the purchasing of necessary equipment and on business trips. Our own publishing department allows the University to provide students with scientific, educational and methodological literature. “The Journal of Zhytomyr State Technological University: Technical Sciences” and “The Journal of Zhytomyr State Technological University: Economic Sciences” are regularly issued. The international collected papers “Processes of Mechanical Operation in Machine Building” and “Problems of the Theory and Methodology of Accounting, Analysis and Auditing” are also periodicals of ZSTU. All of them are included into the list of scientific editions where the basic results of theses in technical sciences and economics can be published according to the decision of the Highest Certifying Commission of Ukraine and for defending theses to receive the degree of Candidate of Sciences or the degree of Doctor of Sciences.

Researchers and seekers have the opportunity to test their first results at the permanent interdepartmental research seminars:

  • “The processes of machining, machine tools and instruments” under the direction of Doctor of Engr., prof. P. P. Melnychuk;
  • “Automatic operation of technical systems and automation of processing procedure” under the direction of Ph.D, prof. B. B. Samotokin;
  • “Complex geoecological systems, problems and methods of researches” led by Ph.D, Ass. prof. V. V. Kotenko;
  • “Scientific researches in Accounting, Analysis and Control" under the guidance of Ph.D, prof. F. F. Butynets and Ph.D, prof. N. M. Maliuga.

The University is constantly strengthening the international cooperation both in education and science. We have good relations with many universities abroad. Being the coordinator of The Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN) and the International Association of Universities of the Slavic People, our university stands up for the interests of Ukrainian education and science.

Over the past 15 years, 55 students of the post-graduate course and teachers had study courses at the universities in Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and France. ZhSTU is actively involved in the project competition programmes of Tempus Tacis and the European Union. In 2003 we started to implement the Joint European Project of Tempus Tacis programme “European economy standard of international tourism in Ukraine” together with Ternopil Academy of National Economy, Kyiv International University, The Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Western Macedonia (Greece) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain). The implementation of scientific research project under the NATO together with the University of Florence (Italy) is going on.

In 2004 there was organized International Summer School on the problems of biological cleaning of areas contaminated by chemical and radioactive waste products in Zhytomyr together with the University of Parma (Italy). Participating in the programmes: International Master “Science and Cleaning Technology of contaminated areas” together with the University of Parma (Italy) and the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida (Germany ); International Master “Medical Physics and Technology” together with the the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida (Germany ), the University of Florence (Italy) and Riga technical University (Latvia ) ZhSTU gives students the opportunity to get their Master’s degree and conduct their scientific projects in the best European research centers together with scientists from Western Europe. These are real steps towards joining the European Higher Education Area.

ZhSTU conducts scientific researches for such great companies as Samsung Aerospace (Korea) and Textron Lycoming (USA).

In recent years great attention has been paid to the establishment of technological processes that reduce the ecological impact. The developed constructions of filters for purification of sewage and the technology for their application are offered for implementation. Leading scholars of the university together with foreign investors participated in the analytic development of feasibility studies for the creation of joint ventures “Auto ZAZ”. The results were submitted to the Government of Ukraine.

ZhSTU is the modern educational complex with well-equipped laboratories, sport complex, tennis courts, a stadium, a refectory, a sanatorium and three halls of residence. The library and its own publishing department allow the University to provide students with educational and methodological literature. ZhSTU has its own website in the Ukrainian and English languages. Local computer network is connected to the Internet. The electronic versions of library resources are available on the web site of ZhSTU.

The university sees not only to the studying process but also to the cultural and entertaining students’ and teachers’ activities. ZhSTU has many possibilities to make students’ life and their leisure time interesting and meaningful, to facilitate the development of abilities and talents of young people. For this purpose there is a sport complex and a cultural centre at the disposal of the students and the professional staff. The students’ collectives of amateur art activities work at the University. They are the choir, the brass band, the orchestra of folk instruments. The dance company “Harmony” is the diplomat of Ukrainian and international festivals (supervisor N. M. Homchuk). Folk group “Acord” is the winner of the grand prize at the All-Ukrainian festival “Kyiv Student Spring – 2007”, the diplomat of student festivals in Ukraine , Russia and Belarus (supervisors – the leaders of education of Ukraine L. M. Golub and V. M. Golub ). We are proud of these and a number of other collectives which are known far outside Zhytomyr and Ukraine.

Great job has been done by the academic staff of the Department of Physical Education to implement the Law of Ukraine “On Physical Culture and Sport” and “The State programme on development of physical culture and sports in Ukraine”. University teams in different kinds of sports uphold the honour of the university. The University also holds the annual sports day. ZhSTU teams actively participate in the city and regional sports days, in sports youth games and competitions of Ukraine and abroad.

All these achievements in a short period of time have contributed to the recognition of Zhytomyr State Technological University by the Ukrainian society. In 2002 ZhSTU (at that time Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology) was awarded with the International Academic Rating of Popularity and Quality “Golden Fortune”. In 2003, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and the Zhytomyr Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded ZhSTU with an honorary reward “Golden Hops Cluster” of the first degree for facilitating the business development in Zhytomyr oblast (region).

Everything done for the previous 50 years should be considered as a significant starting point.