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International cooperation is an important aspect of work of any university. Contacts with higher educational establishments of foreign countries let raise the level of employees’ qualification. It can be done by means of joint research projects, faculty and students internships and exchange, improvement or development of new training programs and courses, summer schools etc. Development of international cooperation not only influences educational level of each taken university but also promotes convergence of Ukrainian educational system with European standards. It is especially topical nowadays when the process of unified European space is under construction.

Department of international relations is responsible for many areas, the most important of which are:

  • Participation in preparation and implementation of international programs and projects;
  • Engaging faculty and students into the process of implementation of international projects;
  • Search and cooperation with new foreign partners, foundations and organizations;
  • Development and implementation of agreements on cooperation with foreign partners;
  • Helping staff and students to process visa applications within the framework of nternational affairs of the University;
  • Advising teachers and students on the issues related with the search for funding opportunities when traveling abroad for studies or training.

Zhytomyr State Technological University (ZSTU) is engaged in an active international work geared towards cooperation with foreign universities in the framework of bilateral agreements and within programs provided by international funds.

ZSTU is an active participant of the collaborative projects provided by the European Union. In previous years 9 Tempus and one Erasmus Mundus project were successfully completed. Until now ZSTU remains the only Zhytomyr university participant of the above mentioned projects.

It is worth mentioning that all Tempus projects were prepared by the representatives of university departments and chairs in cooperation with International Relations Department.

Active work within Tempus and Erasmus Mundus projects was granted by innovative and fruitful work of the rector’s adviser in the area of international relations Prof. B.B. Samotokin. He was one of the first people in Ukrainian higher education who started writing projects from the late 90-s.

ZSTU is actively working in direction of the expansion and development of international relations. We are always glad to meet new partners in educational projects and scientific research.



ZSTU’s participation in international programs

ZSTU is actively taking part in preparation of projects in different areas. They are students and teachers exchange programs (Erasmus+/KA1, DAAD, OeAD, IVF, etc.), improvement of existing and development of new educational courses in accordance with advanced international standards, development and improvement of structure of higher educational institutions (Erasmus+/KA2), scientific cooperation (NATO, Horizon 2020) etc. Read more...

Foreign partners

Zhytomyr State Technological University cooperates with foreign partners - universities and institutions. Read more...

International academic mobility

Zhytomyr State Technological University is engaged in an active international work geared towards cooperation with foreign universities in the framework of bilateral agreements as well as participating in programs of international funds. Read more...

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