The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunication

History of creation of the department

The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunications has been renamed by order of ZSTU No. 109 June 01, 2017, from the Department of Radio Engineering, Radio-electronic devices and Telecommunications. Head of the department – PhD, associate professor. Nikitchuk T.M.

Department of "Radio" was established in 1995 at Zhytomyr radiosytem Research Institute. By the time the department was headed by Ph.D. Kravets L.G. In 1997, the first issue of bachelors, and in 1998 - experts. Since 1999, head of the department will take in PhD, Honorary Academician of Applied Radio Electronics Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Mikola Kovalenko. M.V. Kovalenko wide circles of specialists known as an expert of microwave and antenna arrays. For many years he has devoted to research and development of microwave devices and antennas that are widely used in radio. Widely known for his work on the theory and calculation of aerial devices and systems. Under his leadership the first time in the USSR was established with antenna array signal processing. He raised a number of subjects (Electrodynamics and radio wave propagation, radar systems and processes signals in the radio, navigation, electronic and quantum devices microwave, etc.).

Department of "Electronic devices" was created as part of Zhytomyr State Technological University by renaming the Department of Medical Devices and Systems in 2004. In 1994 at the Department of automation and computer technology (A and CT) was created scientific-industrial complex "Medical Engineering" for training specialists in repair and maintenance of electronic medical devices and systems. The founder of this trend was Samotokin B.B. Within the complex on the 1994-1995 academic year recruited 60 people on distance learning, and the 1996-1997 school year was recruited each educational group for extramural studies. Training of specialists within the complex "Medical Engineering" held in "Radio" specialty "Operation of electronic medical devices and systems." In the department A and CT section was organized to train specialists in the direction of "Electronic devices". In 1998, at the Faculty of ICT producing department named "Medical Devices and Systems" and open specialty "Biotechnical and Medical Devices and Systems" in "Electronic devices". In 2004, in connection with the opening of a new specialty department was renamed the Department of "electronic devices". In 2004, the department opened a second specialty "Technology and Telecommunications."

On the basis of the departments "Radiotechnics" and "Electronic devices" on July 22, 2008 a department "Radiotechniks and Telecommunications." was created. On April 10, 2013, she was renamed into the Department of Radio Engineering, Radioelectronic Devices and Telecommunications. And on June 01, 2017 it was named "Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunications".

Currently, the Department of BI and T performs the training of bachelors and masters of directions 163 "Biomedical engineering" and 172 "Telecommunications and radio engineering".

As part of the the Department of "Radioengineering and Telecommunications" operating on regular basis 16 teachers, including Doctors of Science - 1, Ph.D. - 7 senior teachers - 6, PA - 2.

On the basis of part-timr job at the department are 3 teachers: Ph.D. - 1, senior teachers - 2.

The department is now studying two graduate students, working 1 and 3 doctoral applicants.

Head of department

Nikitchuk Tetiana
Nikitchuk Tetiana

PhD, assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunications.

Born December 12, 1982 in Zhytomyr. Graduated from Zhytomyr State Technological University, specialty - "Biotechnical and medical devices and systems", 2005. In 2013 she defended a dissertation on a theme "The Biotest system of analysis of pulsograms on the basis of phase portraits".

Discipline that teaches - «Methods and techniques of diagnostic research and therapeutic effects», «Physical and chemical bases of technologies of REA», «Automation of processing and analysis of medical and sanitary information», «Modern information technologies in science and education».

Scientific interests - methods of research of the cardiovascular system; registration, processing and analysis of pulsograms.

The result of her scientific and pedagogical activity is 25 publications, 1 patent.

Teaching Staff



The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunications in recent years concentrated on conducting basic and applied research in priority areas of radio engineering, medical equipment design and construction of telecommunication systems and networks, the main ones:

  • research and development characteristics of broadband antennas (Head - Professor, Manoylova V.P.);
  • development of techniques for measuring parameters of dielectric materials (Head - Ph.D. Chuhov V.V.)
  • research process gas discharge visualization of objects (guidelines for PhD Kolomiec R.O.);
  • development of methods and tools for measuring the concentration of light ions in the environment (Head - PhD. Korenovska O.L.);
  • development of methods and means of registration, display and processing of pulse signals (head - PhD. Nikitchuk T.M.);
  • research and development of broadband digital panoramic device to search for and detect radio signals (Head Ph.D., associate professor Tsyporenko V.G.);
  • study characteristics depending on the state of radio waves scattered troposphere (Head Ph.D., Associate Professor Andreev A.V.);
  • study the use of higher-order spectral analysis for non-Gaussian signals (Head Ph.D., associate professor Tsyporenko V.V.).

Lecturers, aspirants and students participated in the studies and scientific research conducted at the Department:

  1. GDR "Panorama", state registration number 0106U003923 Custom Military Institute. SP Queen NAU.
  2. GDR "Frequency", commissioned Zhytomyr Regional Branch "Ukrchastotnaglyad”, a cooperation agreement № 12-08 of 01/09/2013 p.
  3. GDR state-30-D-345 "Development of non-invasive electro-optical polarization imaging of two-dimensional phase-heterogeneous biological objects' state registration number 0112U001368 in cooperation with the Department of designing biomedical devices Vinnytsia National Technical University.
  4. GDR "Development of methods and means to control the level of concentration of light ions indoors under artificial aeroionization" state registration number 0568U2689 86 in cooperation with the Institute of Physiology. OO Bohomoltsia NAS of Ukraine.
  5. GDR number 2532 / 2- n "Mixed-hardware-diagnosis and treatment of synergetic validation of diagnostic and therapeutic features" state registration number 112 003 148 U in cooperation with the Technical University "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

According to research performed at the Department of the development of broadband antennas (range 1-20 GHz) antenna wide-range of 0.5 to 2 GHz, the development paths of individual elements of centimeter and millimeter range and variety of dishes ranges. The method of signal processing in the phase direction finding structural model of the device and the panoramic display. Developed several types of antennas for Wi-Fi connection. Also performed at the Department of the development of broadband digital panoramic device search and detect radio signals to Zhytomyr Regional Branch "Ukrchastotnaglyad". Past studies on the development of digital correlation method direction finding sources of radiation in the VHF - UHF frequencies using antenna arrays. Developed instrumentation for the treatment of purulent wounds using ions, which includes system radiators ions and systems of control and measurement. The system removal and processing of pulse signals phase portraits. A device research processes of the body by means of gas discharge visualization facilities. Most developments obtained patents for invention.

Science students is reflected in the degree and course work. Each year a student participating in the nationwide competition of scientific student work (served about five contest entries annually). Students work Khomyuk Alexander Vladimirovich "Study the possibility of building a hardware-software complex registration process and analyze pulse waves" (supervisor Associate Professor T. Nikitchuk ) won the II-nd tour of student research from the field "Instrument". Working undergraduate Prigorskiy M.M. "Research opportunities User defined nite and blood viscosity parameters for the last pulse wave front" entered the Top-10 of the best student research on the field "Electronika."

Students of the department participate in various competitions, including the fields of "Radio Electronic Devices" (Kharkiv, KNURE), "Radio" (Vinnitsya, NTB). For example, a student Veleschuk D.P. took third place in the National Olympiad of Radio. Supervisor - head. Department of Radio Engineering, electronic devices and telecommunications prof. Manoylov V.P.

Department annually takes part in the scientific and technical exhibitions, presenting them every year from 3 to 5 items.

Lecturers and students of the department take part in conferences and seminars, exercise publishing articles in professional journals, including astyna scientific papers listed in the International sceintific databases Scopus, IEEE XPlore. The department, published monographs, textbooks and educational materials.

The department shall review scientific papers to obtain degrees in engineering sciences, including such specialties as "Antennas and Microwave Components," "Radio and Television Systems", "Biological and medical devices and systems", "Radiometric devices", and so on. Professor V. Manoylov trains graduate students under his guidance 5 master's theses and dissertations preparing 5 more. In addition, Professor V. Manoylov participating in the two academic councils of thesis defense (board member), in particular Council D05.052.02 Vinnytsia National Technical University and the Council 14.719.01 in Zhytomyr Military Institute of Radio S.P. Korolyov of the National Aviation University.

Department of RT, CEA and T has research links with universities in Ukraine (Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, State University of Telecommunications in Kyiv, National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Vinnytsia National Technical University, Kharkiv National University, Institute of Physiology. O.O.Bogomolets National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, etc. ).

The department has a cooperation agreement with the Lublin University of Technology "Lublin University of Technology" (Lublin, Poland), where trained doctoral graduate department specializing in "Technology and Telecommunications" Yaroslav I. Kovalyuk. As part of the MES in teaching undergraduate and graduate students, internships scientific and teaching staff at leading international educational and research institutions in 2012 was sent to the Department Brushuk Olga student to study at the University of London, UK. In 2013 there she got the qualification "master" specialty "Information Systems" and in 2014 with the qualification of "Master" specialty "Technology and Telecommunications" in ZSTU.

Every year, Professor V.P. Manoylov ride in scientific and creative and business trips overseas (Belarus, Russia) where their experience and establishing relations of cooperation. In 2013 Ph.D. Korenovsk O.L. received training at the Lycee Agricole et Forestier «Jean Monnet» m. Age-en-Bihor (France).

Analyzing scientific activities and relations department of Radio, electronic devices and telecommunications with universities Ukraine, one can conclude that the work in this direction is conducted intensively and effectively. Work is currently underway to expand cooperation with educational institutions in Europe.

Contact Information

Address: 10005, Ukraine, m. Zhytomyr, str. Pushkin, 44
Offices: P-156 (Chair), P-201 (teaching), P-210 (lab)
Telephone: +38 (0412) 22-14-10