The department of theoretical and applied linguistics

The department of theoretical and applied linguistics trains Bachelors of Philology whose major is Applied Linguistics. Applied linguists are able to solve the problems of automated translation, annotation and indexing of documents, linguistic maintenance of information systems and automated control systems, automated processing of text information, automated text analysis (recognition) and synthesis.

The department of theoretical and applied linguistics provides teaching of several foreign languages (English and German as basic languages and optional Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, French, Polish and Check), classical and modern linguistic academic disciplines such as Computer, Corpus, Quantitative and Media Linguistics, Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Linguistics, Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Machine, Automated and Traditional Translation, Linguistic and Computer Aspects of Advertising and PR Technologies, Information Technologies in Mass Media, NLP, etc.

Applied Linguistics presupposes mastering special technical subjects that are taught by the departments of Information and Computer Technologies Faculty. Among special technical subjects there are Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Text Mining, Software Engineering, etc.

Acquired knowledge enable graduates to fulfill the following tasks:

  • software development based on mathematic modals analysis and algorithms of solving linguistic tasks at IT companies, publishing houses and translation agencies;
  • linguistic expertise of written and oral speech with the use of information technologies, psycholinguistic, ethnic and cultural, authorship expertise at expertise institutions;
  • translation into more than three languages at leading translation agencies;
  • automatic processing of multimedia text data, advertising and other mass media websites;
  • linguistic text and oral speech analysis by means of computer modeling.

The department provides teaching English for specific purposes (ESP) for all specialties at the university. Annually best students demonstrate their level of English proficiency at the English language Contest held by the department. The winner takes part in the All Ukrainian Olympiad. Another annual event organised by the theoretical and applied linguistics department is a scientific and practical conference "Current Trends in Young Scientists' Research" where students share their research findings in different fields in foreign languages.

The department staff is represented by 17 teachers. 7 of them are PhD in Philology and Pedagogics. The teachers are involved in continuing professional development. They take part in different seminars, trainings, workshops, conferences to always stay in the mainstream of teaching methods.

The department of theoretical and applied linguistics collaborates with leading national and foreign universities and other educational establishments with the purpose of scientists, teachers and students exchange and joint/distance learning programs in the fields of mutual interests. US Peace Corps in Ukraine, British Council, Dinternal Education, Academy of Innovation Development and The First Regional Testing Center for Foreign Languages are our partners in the fields of teaching foreign languages, teacher training, materials design and testing.