Welcome to Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University

Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked universities in Polissia region. It is situated in Zhytomyr, a medium-sized city not far from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Zhytomyr is an important cultural, scientific and research centre in Ukraine. It has a rich history of nearly 1100 years. It is the city of unique atmosphere, where tradition and modernity intermingle.

Zhytomyr Polytechnic is a modern higher education institution in didactics, research and science. It educates students on all three levels of study – Bachelor, Master and Doctoral. Students can choose from a wide range of academic programs in English and Ukrainian at all three levels. PhD studies prepare students to achieve a high degree of specialization and expertise in any scientific discipline.

Academic year

For full degree students winter semester begins on the 1st of September and ends in the middle of December. Winter examination session lasts for two or three weeks. After three weeks of winter holidays, summer semester begins. Courses are delivered from February till mid of June and are followed by summer examination session. Summer holidays last for nearly three months.


University hostels are located within a few minutes’ walk from the university campus. Hostels offer single, double or triple rooms shared by students. Bathroom & kitchens are shared.


Zhytomyr Polytechnic proposes different kinds of entertainment. Students can do sports (football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, fitness, canoeing, fencing), go to the University gym and shooting room. All sport activities are free of charge for Zhytomyr Polytechnic students.

Our students often go to the cinema, visit picture galleries and museums, organize student parties. What is more, inter-city excursions are always on the list.


Zhytomyr has a good public transportation network (buses, trolleybuses, trams, traffic buses & taxis). Full degree students can buy a bus pass presenting a valid student ID card (guarantees a discount on tickets).

Zhytomyr Polytechnic is in a 15 minute walk from the city centre.


There are several shopping centers in Zhytomyr. The biggest one is Global.ua. It is situated in a 15-20 minute drive from the University.


The official currency in Ukraine is gryvna. Money can be exchanged in special offices and banks. It is possible to open a bank account in Ukraine, however, a valid passport or any other ID document as well as a residence permit card or any other document proving your student status are required.


If you want to become our student you should get an invitation. The invitation is issued on the basis on the following documents: - passport (copy); - the documents of your previous education (the Certificate and the marks sheet) (copy); - consent to personal data processing (the sample is provided by the university).


All foreign students who wish to study at Zhytomyr Polytechnic should obtain Student visa prior to their arrival. They should apply for it in the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in their home country. On arrival in Ukraine foreign students should apply for a Residence Permit Card. Health & accident insurance policy is mandatory for all students for the whole duration of their studies at Zhytomyr Polytechnic.

Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University invites you to get quality education