COVID-19 Coronavirus desease information

All foreigners arriving in Ukraine must have an insurance policy. Entering Ukraine without an insurance policy is prohibited. Treatment and observation are paid by the insurers according to the insurance policy, or at their own expense.

Self-isolation prevents the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection and reduces the number of patients with a severe form of COVID-19.

The term of self-isolation is for 14 days and refers to those:

  • infected with COVID-19 or who have been in contact with patients who were infected with COVID-19, except those who used personal protective equipment.
  • have crossed the border and are isolated using the app “Act at Home” since their arrival.

Those, who need to undergo self-isolation for 14 days, are obliged to stay at home and check themselves for symptoms; they should avoid contact with other people, except those who live with them. These measures prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

A self-isolated person via “Act at home” app is allowed to:

  • walk pets twice a day, not longer than for 1 hour a day only in case of compliance with the rules of self-protection.
  • visit malls, pharmacies which are not further than 2 km from the place of self-isolation for not longer than 2 hours a day in case of compliance with the rules of self-protection.

A self-isolated person has the right to call the ambulance.

Further information on self-isolation:

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